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Industrial Accident Attorneys in San Antonio, Texas

Were You Injured In An Industrial Accident in San Antonio?

At the Hollingsworth Law Firm, our San Antonio industrial accident lawyers know that these dangerous circumstances are serious events that often involve hazardous materials that can have significant consequences for Texas workers, surrounding residents, and the environment.

Depending on the nature of the industry where the accident occurs, the event can lead to a fire, an explosion, or the emission of toxic or radioactive material.

Our Bexar, Comal, and Medina County industrial accident attorneys know that while many think of these incidents occurring on construction sites, in mines, oil and gas manufacturing plants, and factories, the reality is that industrial accidents can happen to anyone in any profession.

No matter what type of work you are in, we understand you or your loved ones can be injured or killed in industrial accidents that originate from employers taking shortcuts, hazards derived from poorly kept workspaces, and neglecting safety procedures.

If you have been injured in an industrial accident in Texas, we can help you pursue the liable party — or combination of parties — for your complete financial recovery whether you work at the facility or not.

Our skilled legal staff offers services in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Mandarin because we believe in inclusion, fairness, and justice. It is only possible to successfully represent the people in our communities when we can successfully represent all people.

Contact our San Antonio industrial accident lawyers today to learn how we can help you.

Industrial Accident Lawyers in San Antonio

Who Can Be Held Liable for Industrial Accidents, Injuries, and Fatalities in San Antonio, Texas?

Industrial accidents can be confined to certain workspaces, buildings, and sites or, when widespread explosions, fires, or other catastrophic events occur, impact the public in surrounding areas.

When negligence is a factor in these far-reaching disasters, employers, vendors, contractors, and other third parties may be held liable for the injuries or tragic fatalities that occur.

Some of the most common industrial accidents and circumstances may include:

  • Explosions
  • Fires
  • Impact with Objects and Equipment
  • Accidents involving Heavy Machinery
  • Forklift Accidents
  • Slips, Trips, and Falls
  • Drownings
  • Electrical Accidents and Electrocutions
  • Falling Debris
  • Hazardous Equipment and Machinery
  • Tractor or Other Farm Equipment Rollovers
  • Motor Vehicle Accidents
  • Oilfield Accidents and Spills
  • Maritime and Offshore Accidents
  • Accidents in Storage Structures, like Silos Or Grain Bin
  • Unsanitary Conditions
  • Exposure to Toxic Chemicals

Our personal injury attorneys have spent more than three decades working on both sides of the courtroom, gaining unparalleled experience of the inner workings of some of the world’s largest insurance companies, and transforming that knowledge into wins for our clients.

Our expert legal team has proven over thousands of personal injury cases, through the millions of dollars recovered for our clients, that personal attention matters.

At Hollingsworth Law Firm, Our San Antonio Personal Injury Attorney Also Focuses on the Following Practice Areas:

What Type of Compensation Can Injury Victims and Their Families Pursue After an Industrial Accident in San Antonio, Texas?

When employees and/or the public are injured in an industrial accident in San Antonio, the damage is often life changing. This means they will have extensive medical bills, and current and future lost wages, which can be devastatingly compounded by diminished working capacities.

When these workers are injured on the job, their financial recovery will be determined based on their employer’s workers’ compensation status. When employers carry workers’ compensation, it changes the complexity of the injury victim’s recovery options.

Injury Victims Pursue Compensation After an Industrial Accident in San Antonio

However, since not all Texas employers are not required to carry workers’ compensation coverage, injury victims and their families may be eligible to pursue a personal injury claim instead. We can help you determine which recovery option is best for you, so you understand your legal rights and options to pursue the best outcome.

At the Hollingsworth Law Firm, we are dedicated to pursuing actual results for our clients.

That means everyone who calls our offices for help will speak directly with a personal injury attorney.

We will fight for each form of financial recovery you deserve through negotiations with the at-fault party’s insurance company or prepare your case with precision for trial. When you are ready to contact an accomplished industrial accident, injury, and fatality law firm in San Antonio, we are ready to hear your story.

Contact Our Skilled Industrial Accident Attorneys in San Antonio, Texas Today

If you or someone you love has been injured or lost their life in an industrial accident in Texas, contact our dedicated San Antonio personal injury lawyers at the Hollingsworth Law Firm today by calling 713-637-4560 or contact us online for a free case evaluation.

Our skilled bilingual personal injury lawyers and support staff represent clients throughout the state of Texas on a contingency basis, so you never pay any legal fees unless we win your case.

If you are ready to fight for the compensation you deserve, so are we. Let us take the lead.

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