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At the Hollingsworth Law Firm, our Conroe personal injury lawyers and support staff work tirelessly to produce results for the city’s over 94,000 residents when their lives have been impacted by negligence.

In recent years, Conroe was one of the fastest-growing large cities in the country, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, with its population nearly doubling in just over a decade. With this type of growth comes significant traffic, which in turn leads to additional vehicle collisions, pedestrian accidents, and large truck crashes caused by negligence.

If you have been injured in a collision or another incident caused by negligence in Texas, our Montgomery County personal injury lawyers want to help you hold the liable party accountable for your full financial recovery.

Our skilled legal staff offers services in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Mandarin because we believe in inclusion, fairness, and justice. It is only possible to successfully represent the people in our communities when we can successfully represent all people.

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Hollingsworth Law Firm Conroe Personal Injury Attorney Practice Areas

At the Hollingsworth Law Firm, our personal injury attorneys in Conroe represent clients throughout Texas because we know the lawyer you choose makes a difference.

Our expert legal team has proven over thousands of personal injury cases, through the millions of dollars recovered for our clients, that personal attention matters.

Since 2003, we have dedicated our practice to producing real results for real people whose lives have been impacted by negligence in the following practice areas:

Collectively, our skilled Conroe personal injury attorneys have spent more than three decades working on both sides of the courtroom, gaining unparalleled experience of the inner workings of some of the world’s largest insurance companies, and transforming that knowledge into wins for our clients.

Vehicle Collisions are a Frequent Occurrence in Conroe, Texas

According to the Texas Motor Vehicle Traffic Crash Facts, one reportable crash occurred every

57 seconds throughout the state last year. Unfortunately, crashes were not the only statistic that increased.

Texas also experienced an increase in the number of motor vehicle traffic fatalities last year, with 4,489 killed in crashes across the state. That was an increase of 15.22% from the 3,896 deaths recorded the previous year. Another 239,539 persons were injured in vehicle collisions over the same period.

Conroe residents are all too familiar with vehicle collisions, as Interstate 45 directly connects the city with Houston to its south and with Dallas to its northwest, where crashes occur daily.

At the Hollingsworth Law Firm, our personal injury lawyers and support staff provide the critical legal resources our fellow Texans need when they have been injured by a negligent driver. It is our goal to pursue results inside and outside the courtroom, to ensure no detail is left to chance during our pursuit of justice.

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Local Medical and Emergency Resources for Conroe, Texas Accident & Injury Victims

If you experience an emergency in Conroe, you should have access to emergency services that can provide solutions for your unique needs.

To follow is a list of local medical and emergency resources to help provide the help you need.

Healthcare Resources in Conroe, Texas

Emergency Services in Conroe, Texas

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If you or someone you love has been injured or lost their life to negligence, contact our dedicated Conroe personal injury lawyers at the Hollingsworth Law Firm today by calling 713-637-4560 or contact us online for a free case evaluation.

Our skilled bilingual personal injury lawyers and support staff represent clients throughout the state of Texas on a contingency basis, so you never pay any legal fees unless we win your case.

If you are ready to fight for the compensation you deserve, so are we. Let us take the lead.

Frequently Asked Questions for Personal Injury Attorney in Conroe, TX

How soon after an accident should I contact a Conroe personal injury lawyer?

It’s best to contact a Conroe personal injury lawyer as soon as possible after an accident. This is because there may be time-sensitive evidence that needs to be gathered, and the sooner you have legal representation, the better chance you have of protecting your rights and receiving fair compensation.

If I was involved in an industrial accident, does that still fall under personal injury law?

Yes, if you were injured in an industrial accident in Texas, it may fall under personal injury law. Personal injury law covers a wide range of accidents and injuries, including those that occur in the workplace.

Would talking to my insurance company directly cause any issues in my case?

Talking to your insurance company directly may not cause any issues in your case, but it’s important to be cautious. Insurance companies are focused on minimizing their costs, which means they may try to settle your claim for less than it’s worth. Before speaking to your insurance company, it’s a good idea to consult with a personal injury lawyer who can advise you on your rights and help you negotiate a fair settlement.

How do I know if I have a personal injury case?

You may have a personal injury case if you were injured due to the negligence or intentional actions of another person or entity, and you suffered damages as a result. Some common examples of personal injury cases include car accidents, slip and falls, medical malpractice, and product liability cases.

What is considered negligence in a personal injury?

In Texas, negligence in a personal injury case refers to a failure to exercise reasonable care that leads to injury or damages. To prove negligence, the injured party must show that the defendant owed a duty of care, that the defendant breached that duty, and that the breach caused the plaintiff’s injuries.

What is the benefit of having a personal injury lawyer?

A Conroe personal injury lawyer can help you in many aspects of your case. They can gather evidence, negotiate with insurance companies, and represent you in court. They will also help you understand what legal rights you have and what your best options are. Having an attorney also allows you the best chance at getting full compensation for your injuries.

What are my rights in a personal injury case?

In Texas, you have the right to seek compensation for your injuries and damages if you’ve been injured in a personal injury case. This may include medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other damages. You also have the right to pursue legal action against the person or entity responsible for your injuries, and to have legal representation throughout the process.

How long do I have to tell my insurance company I was involved in an accident?

In Texas, you’re required to report an accident to your insurance company “promptly.” While there is no specific time limit, it’s best to report the accident as soon as possible to ensure that you comply with your insurance policy requirements and protect your legal rights.

Will I be taxed on the compensation I receive for my medical bills?

In general, compensation for medical bills in a personal injury case in Texas is not taxed. However, there may be exceptions depending on the specific circumstances of your case.

What should I avoid doing after an accident?

After an accident, it’s important to avoid admitting fault or apologizing, even if you think you may have contributed to the accident in some way. It’s also a good idea to avoid signing any documents or accepting any settlement offers from insurance companies without consulting with a personal injury lawyer.

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