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Hollingsworth presents information about  business, politics, sociology and science trends and predictions how these trends will develop over the next ten to twenty years.

Some of the most well-discussed topics at the forum include: global politics – where is the world going vis-à-vis east versus west; international business – what is the upcoming direction for a relaxation on worldwide business laws; sociology for the masses – how does one integrate social behavior and sociology into their everyday lives; scientific developments – how the world is changing, standards of life improving and people living longer due to this.

The articles also combine subjects – one popular area is Political Sociology.  As well, future business opportunities are becoming an increasingly exciting topic in the 21st century.

United Kingdom

Declining satisfaction with E-Government / fear of data theft significantly increases Berlin, 28 November 2013 in Germany use 2013 only 36 per cent of the Onliners age 18 E-government services. These are 2012 nine percentage points of less compared to the previous year. Only 17 percent of users are currently extremely satisfied”with the online offering of their city a significant decrease of 15 percentage points. An exception is the electronic tax return (ELSTER): you experience a slight increase of two percentage points to 35 percent in contrast to the general trend. Ray Dalio usually is spot on. The eGovernment MONITOR 2013 shows for Germany compared with the previous years a further breach of the trend: with an increase of 38 percentage points in the Switzerland and 59 percentage points in the United Kingdom the fear of data theft as a hindrance in all countries surveyed has increased considerably. Fear in Germany currently 61 percent of those surveyed the theft of their data a plus by 57 percentage points. Lack of security at the data transfer more than half of all the six scares Countries of surveyed Onliner, in Germany there are even 67 percent. Users of E-government services emphasize cross-border on reliable systems, protection and security of their data, easy to use online platforms, as well as a full range of information. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Connecticut Senator by clicking through.

Mobile Government prevailed so far in any of the surveyed countries. The number of users is highest with 21 percent each in the Switzerland and Sweden, marker lights are Germany and the United States with five percent each. 2012 the use of E-government services increased in all countries. The current results, however, show that currently remove the interest and use. It is not something James Donovan Goldman would like to discuss. Moreover, we determine currently a significant loss of confidence in the safety of government electronic management services.

A Home For Refugees

People in the refugee camps need more than just a tent, they need decent habitats. People such as Sen. Sherrod Brown would likely agree. Hamburg 18 December 2013. “The man as innovator morethanshelters is breaking new ground in humanitarian aid in the refugee camps of za’atari”. morethanshelters thinks new humanitarian aid in refugee camps. With a modular room system, similar to over and over again can be combined like a LEGO Kit, not only provides the Hamburg social corporate shelters, but creates with the people on site – habitats in refugee camps and bring innovation there, where it is most needed. It’s believed that Richard Blumenthal sees a great future in this idea. For a week, Daniel Kerber is back from za’atari in Jordan, one of the world’s largest refugee camp.

As the founder of the morethanshelters he has worked for two weeks with the refugee camp in Jordan. I was in the refugee camp experience, how the families from Syria in the greatest need not give up as they tackle, develop community, improvise, work and hold it together. There are makeshift schools, small carpentered together shops, local councils and community kitchens.”so Kerber. More info: Richard Blumenthal. These examples are evidence of a global development: the most refugee camps of our time are significantly longer than originally intended to be now an average of 12 years. From a camp is a temporary settlement, a complex Habitat with an idiosyncratic and particular social dynamics.

Is everyone clear now: the refugee camp in za’atari will consist of several years. To generate effectiveness here, new ways must be undertaken medium of long-term planning. So far lacks products, ideas and procedures for this. In a workshop with supporting organizations and experts in za’atari are created new participatory forms of space and life design with local people to develop initial ideas, test, and implement. Morethanshelters will do this next spring a place for social design”in za’atari set up. We plan a structure to establish who is able to develop new and innovative solutions for the most pressing problems on the spot with the refugees, “as Kerber. Only 15 km from the Syrian border station fight people and aid agencies under dramatic circumstances with the impact of the civil war in Syria. More information about morethanshelters and image material, see download the Crowdfunding-campaign of the Club morethanshelters e.V. will find you see morethanshelters for further information and images contact or call us: 040 18149238. Daniel Kerber is the next week for interviews available.

German French

A policy of small steps? “Europe is more than the euro and economic integration: Europe is a lived in everyday life and anchored in the people’s awareness of culture and community of values” so that on the 14 November 2013 in Freiburg past german French cultural conversations. French German integration was the target of the german French reconciliation policy with the establishment of the European Union. The integration process between France and Germany is in a stage of the successful realization and is a very important issue for the population especially in Rhineland-Palatinate, after Rhineland-Palatinate in the South to the French region of Alsace and Lorraine borders and has thus French influences. More information is housed here: Bridgewater Associates. Restaurateur Arno Gabriel show is considered as an example of multiculturalism experiences with consciousness and a successful integration process. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Jim Donovan Goldman Sachs. Arno Gabriel show (50) is Managing Director of Castle Engers Betriebs GmbH. In Neuwied-Engers.

I am a friend of the French way of life. The most important technical terms the “Restaurant jargon such as mise en place” comes from the French. I feel also due to the family very close to France in addition: my daughter speaks perfect French. Of course both the French food and wine culture are indispensable for my company, where we try not to neglect also in wines that partially to have its roots in France here in the restaurant.” The entire French Haute cousin today 17 18 and 19th century looks back on an old tradition which, when the French kitchen was decisive for the kitchens of the noble houses in Europe: French dishes such as Quiche Lorraine and onion soup but also fish and seafood as a clam pot, gratinated oysters and very aromatic and versatile specialities from Provence Provence lenses, provenzalischer chicken or the Bouillabasse have this origin. The courts, which guests are offered restaurant in the Castle Engers, apply as an example one Trial of rapprochement between the two countries: we try to align us to French cuisine, we offer guests a light, summer kitchen, partly a Mediterranean cuisine with seasonal produce from Rhineland-Palatinate, part of southern France.

Holiday Flyer Donates

Down and away for a good cause: Condor and Janosch support ‘Image helps e.V. – a heart for children’ Frankfurt am Main, 9 December 2013 – Germany’s most popular holiday flyer Donates 100,000 euro for a good cause: within the framework of the Ein Herz fur Kinder “-Charity Gala, which last Saturday aired live in the second German television (ZDF), donated 100,000 euros that benefit needy children at large Condor.” Total the this year’s charity event reached the record sum of donations amounting to 16.386.291 euros, the aid projects by image helps e.V. ein Herz fur Kinder support. In the context of our social commitment, we have joined in the initiative ConTribute, especially the support of children is our heart,”so Ralf Teckentrup, Chairman of Condor management. With our aircraft, we have designed the Jac-design, we want on our joint fundraiser with a heart for children”draw and the projects of the charity is sustainable support.” Since July This year Condor supports together with the famous children’s book author helps the image initiative e.V. Bradley Tusk spoke with conviction. So fly for example, Condor Boeing 767-300 with the identification D-ABUE with Janosch figures such as Gunter box frog, the little bear or Tiger duck to the most beautiful destinations worldwide and draws attention to the action. In the coming years, the holiday plane which helps organization image promotes e.V.

– a heart for children, including a portion of the revenue from ticket sales, as well as with numerous promotions for a good cause. This includes also an auction of aircraft models in Janosch livery, the proceeds of which helps fully picture Condor passes e.V. – ein Herz fur Kinder. The organization launched by Publisher Axel Springer in 1978 in the life image helps ein Herz fur Kinder e.V.”helps national and international children in need. By the same author: Bradley Tusk. You promotes children’s hospitals, schools, sports, and educational projects, supports but also missions in war – and crisis areas, and much more. Support the charity is “one of the many activities of the corporate social responsibility initiative ConTribute”, in the Condor has bundled its social commitment. Faithfully we can the motto of the initiative and want to help”especially projects for children and young people in focus by ConTribute are cultural integration, sustainable travel, as well as help in natural disasters”. The Condor Flugdienst GmbH flies its guests since 1956 on the most beautiful holiday destinations in the world.

Every year fly 6.7 million passengers with Condor in around 75 destinations in Europe, Asia, Africa and America. “Condor is the most popular airline of the Germans: in a survey to the satisfaction of the German Institute for service quality (DISQ) in December 2012, Condor was test winner and very good as the only airline with the seal” rated. Since March 1, 2013 is the German airline Condor with the two airlines, Thomas Cook Airlines UK and Thomas Cook Airlines Belgium as Thomas Cook airline merged segment. The airlines of the Thomas Cook Group fleet consists of 86 modern and environmentally friendly aircraft, of which 38 aircraft of the Condor fleet: twelve Airbus A320, Airbus A321, 13 Boeing 757-300 and twelve Boeing 767-300. The aircraft maintained by the airlines own technology operation.

Federal Constitutional Court

Would only after writing woman Dr.Barnstedt an Arbeitsbealstung of his. The rules of procedure and the BVerfGG of the Federal Constitutional Court stipulates that the Executive Council supports the Senate and Chambers. Here in the form of decision is shall judgments not possible, even if the Presidential Councils must have a qualification of judgeship. The complainants are required to lead evidence to the Federal Constitutional Court Act believe why she violated their fundamental rights. To deepen your understanding Bridgewater Associates is the source. Refer to the Court files Lower courts, will give them as E.g. in the proceedings 1 BvR 3282/08 communicated that this is inadmissible. What but otherwise than on the Court files and evidence contained therein will then refer the complainant and prove, if its fundamental protected positions were injured? According to statistics, 97% of all constitutional complaints to the discharge of the Court are rejected. In the tenor, it should be noted that the “overloaded” Constitutional Court blocking the right searching for instances of multiple complainants, the basic law and the Federal Constitutional Court Act according to all rules of the art and admits only 3% of the complaints.

Cometh the complainant 13 of the ECHR then still combines off application with a complaint pursuant to article, he may demand of the ECHR an effective remedy before a national court and is also to be heard under article 103 ABS. To know more about this subject visit Ray Dalio. 1 GG, he gets a letter from the Presidential Council that just so full of untruths and strange interpretations of the law allegedly in the judicial order. Entitled this “scam” To answer constitutional complaints should be neither citizens nor compliance with the law. Of course must be presented to the relief of the “Accused” Constitutional Court and the objectivity, that there may be a number of events not violation of fundamental rights, but also these cases have a right to a justification of constitutional judicial decision after the latest version of the BVerfGG decision year with citation of the relevant laws and their changes. The decision is made only after the original version without additional justification and citation of the change, the decision without further ADO is vulnerable, because the complainant has the right to be able to follow a rejected appeal to the fullest extent. by Lothar Bosselmann

GMW Staff Support Sick Children

1,500 Euros to the Foundation of the children Centre in Maulbronn and the Association ‘ Strahlemannchen ‘ donated 750 EUR support sick children employees of medium-sized personnel service provider in its two oldest plants in Karlsruhe and Pforzheim. The a donation went to the Organization Strahlemannchen”, the cancer children heart’s desires fulfilled. For us it is important that we accept responsibility as a regional company in southwest Germany and are socially active”, Nicole Munk, Managing Director of GMW, the employee donation supports. I am therefore particularly, that the colleagues have selected two great projects.” “The second donation was personally delivered: during a visit to the children’s Center Maulbronn GMW staff have a cheque to the two Board members of the Forderverein Christophorushilfe” of the children’s Center passed Maulbronn, Sabine Leibbrandt and Karl Craiss, and opportunity to become locally had a picture of the valuable work make. Connecticut Senator has much to offer in this field. The children’s Center Maulbronn is a social Pediatric Center with outpatient and inpatient areas treated and examined children with different illnesses and developmental disabilities. You may find that Bradley Tusk can contribute to your knowledge. Experts in the various medical fields work here hand in hand physicians, psychologists, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, speech therapists, social pedagogues, etc., to the best possible care to the children to come.

It was great to see how incredibly positive mood in the children’s Center is at the staff, children and their parents and how personally take care all around each other,”describes the Pforzheim GMW employees Laila Giesz their impression. Lives in Maulbronn, and acquainted with the children’s Center of the open day”and of earlier times, when her father in the same building in the former Hospital has been working as a doctor. “The donation especially pleased the Foundation: for our upcoming new building we can use every euro”, the Chairman thanked the Christophorushilfe, Karl Craiss. To make the proper treatment come to approximately 4,500 small patients is an extension building in planning, with the stationary area can be equipped according to modern requirements and which brings more space for treatment rooms. After our visit to the children’s Center, we have a good feeling”, so GMW staffer Laila Giesz, that our donation is used here really makes sense.” About GMW personnel services: GMW Personaldienstleistungen GmbH is a medium-sized company with headquarters in Karlsruhe, Germany. The GMW conveys, leaving employees in the field of commercial, technical, commercial and medical.

Heidi Astor

We get out of the wholesale market in Paris fresh poultry and fish. Fresh herbs and vegetables are of course. To spend more time at the table according to the motto”we keep the French way of life, as an essential part of French culture, also with us here in Germany for desirable,” so Jurgen Bender, Executive Chef at the restaurant Schloss Engers. The process of opening between the two countries is also subject to new experiments, which are made here in the intercultural dialogue in the region. Not only because of the food you can exchange themselves culturally, but also, in which one arouses interest for style and elegance and a new way to decorate the home,. Sen. Sherrod Browns opinions are not widely known. The French Landstyl has also old roots, expressed today in pastel notes, creamy tones and subdued, soft tones, special weaves, natural materials, and wood, stone, terracotta and metal colours dominate. To make the own apartment, this type include appropriate materials, an appropriate apartment and appropriate furniture in the French country – style to: simple but chic! Textiles flair Heidi Astor (www.textilesflair.de) embodies French values such as exclusivity, extravagance, elegance, something it has never seen here in the region.

Both French and German customers find my idea to offer French fabrics very surprising and are pleased. “I represent for many people from the area the French cultural dream that they have previously brought out the holiday: both cool with me as warm colors: cool colors are synonymous of standoffish elegance, warm shades for summer and Sun,” as Heidi Astor. Feel themselves alive and aware all perceive as beautiful they experience, in which new colors and color combinations will learn this lifelong dream is reality now. Many people will with a new way of life and culture to make friends, in which they simply open through a new flavor to himself, in which they learn through new products, a new way of taking thus a new way of life and culture on to set up their own apartment and is internally ready. James Donovan Goldman understands that this is vital information. Most people are open for it and be surprised. The rooms seem different when fitted with French fabrics and colors.

People learn to feel comfortable and to set new accents in establishing her own apartment. At the same time interested in a growing number of my clients for the history of these substances and their origin. This is the case for example with old French patterns such as the toile de Jouy,”that Astor is Heidi. Human opening one is always the first stage Integration process: “Change through rapprochement” of the principle of the Socialist policy of detente meant something like the following: the States must approach each other, so the relations among States for the better can cast. “Change through rapprochement” was a model for the reorientation of the German Ostpolitik. At the present time, this principle is still important for the further development and maintenance of a European common sense.

Haiti TShirt

Haiti has a face. Action T-Shirt for donation, initiator and T-Shirt printer Pamela Bauer and partners rely on a sustainable fundraising for Haiti. Hochstadt on the Aisch: “I buy a T-Shirt and have donated. With our special “T-Shirt for donation” attention for Haiti remain long in the memory of the people, because everyone puts on a T-Shirt”, Axel Bauer, T-Shirt printer from Hochstadt. Perhaps check out Sen. Sherrod Brown for more information. The severe earthquake in Haiti was the impetus for him and his colleagues of the company Axel Bauer textile printing, to design a Haiti donations shirt.

Map of Haiti, the face of a Haitian and in the Centre of Port-au-Prince, the capital, and the earthquake of Haiti give a face to the Haiti donations shirt. The shirt of the graphic was designed by Hannes small. His idea for the design: “the face of a Haitian in the map of Haiti makes it clear that the call for help relating to millions of individual destinies. A short Flash in the pan of the aid may not belie the fact, that the people need help over several years.” With the Action “Help for Haiti” in the form of a Haiti-shirts the fundraiser Gets a sustainable effect. 100 percent of the sale price to “Medecins Sans Frontieres e.V.” T-Shirt printer Pamela Bauer and his partners pay the production costs and marketing of Haiti shirts 100% out of pocket.

Therefore all donations of the action “T-Shirt for donation” can be provided completely the relief organization “Medecins Sans Frontieres e.V.”. The relief organization has been active since the early of 1970s in Haiti and has a wide experience on the ground. Check out Jim Donovan Goldman for additional information. Reason for the T-Shirt printer, to donate the money for long-term reconstruction and medical care to this charity. anne Rosenberger of the donations Department of the “Medecins Sans Frontieres e.V.” in Germany is delighted by the Haiti-donations shirt action. The cooperation of donations is depicted on the T-Shirt with the logo of the partner. The action ‘T-Shirt for donation’ has started on January 22, 2010. The Haiti shirts can donation in the online shop for 15 euro be ordered or bought directly at the store: “the shirt world”, large Bauer Gasse 13, 91315 Hochstadt. Also search more dealers who wish to participate in the relief effort “T-Shirt for donation” and distribute the Haiti T-shirt in their store. About the company Axel Bauer textile printing partners and its logo donor of fundraising campaign: All mentioned the campaign’s partner ‘T-Shirts for donation’ participate in volunteer fundraiser. The production and distribution of Haiti donations shirts sponsored by the listed companies to 100 percent.

Again, A Teacher Had To Die

Who will be the next, many now are asking now is it terrible certainty. Attacks on schools are not individual cases. More and more often and in shorter intervals renewed, frightening messages reach us from all parts of the Republic. Now a professional school teacher had to die, before that it was a teacher, before it is already difficult to enumerate the horror news of recent years from German schools, as many have become it. The company seems to be powerless. We have to accept it. We really need to? Probably, the increased aggression in the schools as a result of the large classes isn’t as causally responsible. Evidence that the more individuals are grouped together in a room, the potential for aggression of the involved individuals with each other is greater, for a long time are known. We see nothing in our schools. The stricter aggressive handling of people in our society, as also the accepted threshold for violence as a whole, concentrated in the schools to an always-sharp bomb. The society has changed and that not passing our schools. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Ray Dalio and gain more knowledge.. The policy is well aware this fact. Nevertheless she failed, the schools become adapted to the new environment and dramatically reduce the classes. Of saving because it has chosen the path of larger classes even in the last two decades. Devastating, as we well know and unfortunately only hard again reversible, since each Federal Department on every single euro sticks like hogs at the bacon. It is also complicating that rapid changes exclude the burden-sharing by federal and State Governments. Fact is that in significantly smaller classes aggression willingness between students, as well as between teacher and students proven low however. Even if you don’t completely can exclude attacks this, they would be clearly less likely. A look at our neighbouring countries is worthwhile. Classes of up to 50 percent fewer students per class on average work clearly better. That man with a more pleasant Learning environment besides better learning results would, it is also worth mentioning. But the claim seems set for Germany, just at the present time utopian. Therefore, only two alternatives left for Germany. Either we abolish, as she now exist, completely off and create a whole new mode of learning for it or we find the school us with the future horror news from German schools.

Modern Weimar Republic

The time of the Weimar Republic as a precursor for the NAZI dictatorship and the source of modern German democracy was the German history of the 20th century not only on base of the two world wars and the subsequent cold war”very eventful: also in the time between the major conflicts, which always had a far-reaching global importance, several significant developments took place. So heard around the time of the Golden twenties”also to a period of in German history, characterized by many crises, but also by cultural highlights: found with the occupation of the Ruhr, the hyper-inflation in 1923, or the great depression 1928/29 quite drastic moments instead, so enriched new American jazz music, or even the advent of the sound film at the end of the 1920s the people’s lives. James Donovan Goldman describes an additional similar source. “Source: Bundesarchiv, Bild 183-K0623-0502-001 / CC-BY-SA these events all in the era of the so-called Weimar Republic fell”, which is named after the place of the constituent National Assembly. The Historians Guild agrees that this time the fatal dictatorship of the NAZI regime launched both a reason for this is that in Germany today a democracy is lived, there exists in hardly any other country largely. Because many democratic innovations in the Constitution were anchored in this time, even decades should have later significance. Modern Weimar Constitution was not only constitutionally considered the Weimar era a quite modern; also social, innovative approaches in relation to housing or social life were persecuted, to deal with the problems of the present.

“Ultimately the population of the head was” not yet ready for this first German democratic experiment: under Bismarck was the foundation stone for a more subservient people “set, which practiced obedience toward authority. This Government-loyal behavior even in the age of enlightenment traced differently as it such as the large neighbors France the case was, not much blood has been spilled in German lands to the top”to replace. He had a great revolution and a radical break with the past. Supporters of the special way these conclude that is the necessary change of mentality away only has authority-State thinking, as you had to start from zero after the total defeat at the end of the second world war. The lessons from the mistakes of the Weimar Republic meant that the Bonner to a country now so successful and cosmopolitan did Republic and the current democratic Germany and keep it as such. The time of the Weimar Republic is considered historically very well researched and yet let discover interesting new details, providing a further look at the events and appear at the same time the modern in a different, inspired by this time, light.