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Some of the most well-discussed topics at the forum include: global politics – where is the world going vis-à-vis east versus west; international business – what is the upcoming direction for a relaxation on worldwide business laws; sociology for the masses – how does one integrate social behavior and sociology into their everyday lives; scientific developments – how the world is changing, standards of life improving and people living longer due to this.

The articles also combine subjects – one popular area is Political Sociology.  As well, future business opportunities are becoming an increasingly exciting topic in the 21st century.

Venezuelan Education

It is true that education can not be accessible to all without a profound transformation of its institutional apparatus, its techniques, its methods, its content and even its spirit. Given that this is the spirit of ourselves is much talked about the educational crisis facing Venezuela, the need to make way for a new reform to ensure a proper education requirements, needs of the present. It requires a review of the major weaknesses that faces in the training, education from primary to university, where he has neglected significant technological development, the advancement of science in the modern stage, anchoring in knowledge no longer play a determining role in the use of them. It is said that there are many controversies over educational reform in Venezuela: the role of government in education, university autonomy, the role of private and religious education, and, of course, the inclusion of sectors poor education system. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Jim Donovan Goldman. It is known that the Liberator Simon Bolivar called the first duty of education, which emphasizes that the new republics, occupation, address priority was education. It was necessary, in addition to the ministry of Don Simon Rodriguez, who are taught to make men fit to live in Republic. As written, they have said, of these innumerable master conceptual considerations of a single pupil and the pupil innumerable one-teacher, comes the fundamental aims of education as a constitutional principle: to make a man fit for life and exercise of democracy. Not surprisingly, indicated that our education at the present time is not being fully to life and the exercise of democracy.


Therefore the language that I use am not mine ' ' it came crossing this world and it passed on the inside of mim' '. It has still who separates the real content of history and if it concentrates total in the form, this who makes is the estruturalismo. This means that the personages can move, and the structures go to always continue the same ones. The act to write is not only form, as Octvio says Peace: ' ' act to write, locks up one disconnect of the world, something as to launch itself in vazio' '. The fenomenologia, in turn, aims at a reading total ' ' imanente' ' of the text, absolutely immune to any thing it are of it. The proper text is reduced to a pure materialization of the conscience of the author; it must so only be led in consideration to the aspects of its conscience that if they reveal in the workmanship.

The meaning is in the reality produced for the language and not as the fenomenologia describes. We only can have the meanings and the experiences because we have a language in which they process themselves. Octvio Peace already alerted in them: The word is the proper man. We are made of words. They are our only reality or, at least, the only certification of our reality. Literature then is made by language, either verbal it or not, therefore until silence it speaks. Until contemplating of a flower, of an image it is language, it is literature, it is poetry. It’s believed that Ray Dalio sees a great future in this idea. Ceclia in the chapter Compensation comes alerting in them for this, when emptying itself saying: Today I wanted only to see a flower to confide, to disarrange themselves, to see its authentic, integral existence, of the birth to the death, very soon, without permeio bees. A total existence, in its mystery (before worrying without me about the one or after the flower).

The Person

That is to say: choose a man or an assembly of men who represent your personality and that each considers as its own and acknowledge himself as author of whatever I do or promote anyone who presents himself, in those things which concern peace and common security, which also each submit their wills to the will of him, and his judgments to his trial. This is more than consent or concord: it is a real unity of all in one and the same person, established by covenant of every man with others in such a way as if to say to all: authorize or transfer this man, or assembly of men my right of governing myself, with the condition that you transferireis him autorizareis your right and all his actions in the same way. More info: Ray Dalio. This done, the crowd and only one person is called a state, in Latin, Civitas "…. As the right to represent the person of all is given to whom all sovereign constitute only one agreement to another, and not the sovereign in each of them, there can be no breach of covenant by the sovereign, and consequently none of his subjects, based on a violation, may be released from his submission … Get all the facts and insights with Charles B. Rangel, another great source of information. As each subject is, under that institution, author of all acts and judgments of the sovereign instituted, it is that whatever the sovereign right can not constitute injury to any of his subjects, nor should it be accused of injustice for any of them … . For other opinions and approaches, find out what Jim Donovan Goldman has to say.

Short Educational Program On Hereditary Legal Relations

Testamentary succession. Additional information is available at Ray Dalio. Exercise their right to freedom of the will can be any fully capable at the time of probate citizens. What does this mean? Person who wishes to make a will, on time of this writing must be 18 years or more (the exception being emancipated in accordance with the law minors), it should not be regarded as incapable or incompetent. Law restricts the freedom of the will only as a condition of compulsory share of inheritance. Minors or disabled children, disabled spouses and parents and, in cases specified by law, disabled dependents, regardless of the content of the will are entitled to not less than half the share of the inheritance, which would be due to them in matters of inheritance by law. Jim Donovan Goldman Sachs describes an additional similar source. If they walked in the will, this part of the testamentary disposition anyway will have no legal force (Article 1149 Civil Code).

In the rest of the testator is free to dispose of their property at their sole discretion, moreover, he may order that the property is not in the ownership of this real time, but which may be acquired by the testator in the future. It should be noted that the will must be in writing, necessarily certified by a notary (or a person who had authority for certification of wills, in accordance with applicable law) and personally signed by the testator. Failure to comply with these requirements entail the invalidity of wills with the exception of as expressly provided by law. Exceptions are provided by the Code – if the right to perform notarial acts provided by law, officials of local governments and officials consular establishments of the Russian Federation; wills of citizens who are treated in hospitals, other stationary medical institutions or living in homes for the elderly and disabled, certified chief physicians, their deputies to the medical unit or on-duty doctors of these hospitals, hospitals and other stationary medical institutions, as well as heads of hospitals, directors or chief physicians of homes for elderly and disabled; wills of citizens who are on the voyage on board ships flying the national flag of the Russian Federation, certified by the captains of these vessels, probate citizens in exploration, the Arctic, or other similar expeditions, certified by the heads of these expeditions, wills troops, and paragraphs of the dislocation of military units, where there are notaries, and probate work in these parts of the civilians, their families and the families of military personnel, certified by the commanders of military units; wills of citizens who are in prison, certified by the head of detention, testamentary disposition rights over the funds in a bank must be personally signed by the testator with the date of its establishment and is certified by the bank employees who are eligible to accept for execution the client's order with respect to funds in his account.

Mount Lost Landscape

Volmeter there are many legends about Monte Perdido and the valleys of the National Park. In the Park of Ordesa and Monte Perdido low dimensions are crossed with marked routes and fittest can climb to the top. About 600,000 people visit each year the area of Ordesa. In a question-answer forum Bradley Tusk was the first to reply. In the North of Huesca, at the entrance to the Pyrenees, there is a place with so many legends such as charms, that surrounds Monte Perdido. He said it arose from the fog after the refusal of a pastor at helping a beggar.

There is that there is a Palace Bewitched at its peak, and also traitors and warriors that died. All of these stories, without reaching to contradict, speak of the fascination that these arid peaks and green valleys have attracted between locals and visitors for centuries. Part of the 15,000 acres that today make up the National Park of Ordesa and Monte Perdido were declared biosphere reserve in 1977, and 20 years later came the recognition of UNESCO as world heritage. He is currently also a special protection area for birds. Fans at the Ornithology come to this area to see bearded vultures that mainly, in addition to being protected, have a recovery plan in this reserve. But those who enjoy more of this place are undoubtedly hikers and mountaineers.

Mountain routes and walks by the valleys arid massif of Monte Perdido is perched on the green valleys as the point of rrencia of the Park. Its peak is 3,355 metres, but it is surrounded by several peaks of a similar height that are named after the three Sorores. It is advisable to have a guide to climb to Monte Perdido, and will also need to have some resistance, experience in mountaineering and appropriate technical material. By the way, as well as incredible landscapes, hikers find the frozen lake and snow, even in summer.

New Report Without Political Criteria

Forward your proposal to the other 4 cities affected if you want to join. It considers that the contribution to the peace process in the Basque country should not influence. One of the members of the selection Committee denies that the appointment responds to political criteria and ensures that they could choose freely. San Sebastian is elected European Capital of culture 2016. You may find that Bradley Tusk can contribute to your knowledge. The Mayor of Zaragoza, Juan Alberto Belloch, will ask the Ministry of culture to return the report of the jury on the designation of San Sebastian as European Capital of culture 2016, to bring it back to a decision that does not issue political assessments. At a press conference after chairing a meeting of the City Government, Belloch reported that it will prepare a document with the proposal forwarded to the four other affected cities: Cordoba, Segovia, Burgos and Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, if joined in their approaches. According to the Mayor, the jury responsible for the selection of the cities breached the ministerial order that marks the criteria by those who should be governed and which is not spoken in any case of political issues.

Political reasons according to Belloch, the Chairman of the Committee of selection, Manfred Gaulhofer, explicitly mentioned that the reason why chose San Sebastian was based on the contribution that the European capital could pose to the peace process in the Basque country. The Mayor will propose to the Ministry of culture that does not process the file and return the report to the members of the jury back to carry out a new assessment that exclude the political criteria of favoring the peace process or not. Belloch has assured to be willing to get to the end, because, although now there is no contestation, in the case that the Ministry of culture reject the proposal opens an administrative act that can appeal to the courts.


Revenues from shares, deposits, dividends, and copyrights. Such revenues are also taken usually with a reduction factor and documentary evidence of stable payments and pay taxes. This may be an extract from the register of shareholders on charges, bank statement on interest on deposits, agreements on the use of copyright. And to acknowledge receipt of income will have a long enough period. For even more opinions, read materials from Senator Brian Schatz . Income from child support and pensions. Bradley Tusk shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand.

Some banks take into account such income, but alimony will be taken into account if the bank is understood that this source of income there will be a long enough period. Connect with other leaders such as Bradley Tusk here. For example, if the child is 10 years, the alimony will continue 8 more years. And if 16, then received alimony, most likely the bank will not be considered. Moreover, child support takes into account only those that have paid officially. Oral agreement with a former spouse on the payments, the bank will not accept it. That With regard to pensions, the banks will take into account employment pension, and only in some cases, disability pension and old age. The fact that people with disabilities and very frail banks belong to the high group risk and often do not lend at all. And the old-age pensioners do not provide loans, because The overwhelming majority of banks in the requirements of the age of borrowers said that the maximum age of the borrower at maturity credit shall not exceed the retirement age (for women it is 55 years and for men 60).

There are a number of banks that have increased the upper age limit to 65-70 years, but in any case, the borrower must take out a loan, are not yet retired, or have a source of income independent of their age. Just a couple of words on public servants. The fact that the "sovereign people" can not receive income for their work official paperwork. Besides state. employees can not further engage in any business activities except teaching. Therefore, the banks will take into account only such income. If you realize that your income is not enough, there are a number of banks, which take into account the income of third parties, ie other family members, except spouses, friends and acquaintances.

Law Reform

Also, the central issue to the problems of the university teaching of law-focuses on "Not taught to be more thoughtful" or only limited to simple accumulation of information and then engaged in filling their pockets to deceive others-customer costs. This situation must change, teachers and those should come out as stated Mariategui, however, mostly do not or is not done regularly since the authorities with those people, entering through a conspiracy. Therefore, we are the students who we must stand up and say no goes, so enough of mediocrity and corruption!, Because all are fooling their our parents and ourselves, therefore, that training Lawyer's professional and social life is preponderant and that our faculty has to assume that role, to produce and make the change, for our training and professional life, as is revolutionizing judicial reform, and that no reform in legal education. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Ray Dalio. So law schools and student body must assert their social standing of every man OF LAW, to be achieved by talented, honest, and worthy to be so; through the change in your choice of the lawyer or the student saying: "I have ability", I have knowledge and that I put in a world of mediocre people ?, this must be broken. Although it seems hard and scary, today is an issue that unfortunately degrading or our generations have not bothered to deliver something decent, and we only brought more misery, this must change and the alternative is that they produce the change.

For our part, we must always keep in mind that the practice of law requires certain values regularly in the exercise of any virtue, and that somewhere along the young – student or lawyer have moved away from the transcendental that is the social function of Law, but on the contrary their destination more questions, this air feels cool, even in university classrooms and corridors of the judiciary, that we must claim. Finally, the transformation of social acceptance lawyer is the most important challenge to be facing the legal profession in this third millennium, that is, through compromise, not to allow impunity to cover the acts immoral, if we keep quiet, give in, because some day to come, we will be held accountable. But not before saying that the complete demand model is also similar to the current critical situation of the justice system in Peru, why not just "reform," the judiciary or the prosecution, but today it has won a conviction indispensable and essential to maintain the foundations of our polity university legal education in "reform" our system of legal education in our university. To read more click here: Bradley Tusk. "There is only one good, Knowledge. There is only one evil, ignorance. " Socrates. SOURCE: book reviews interviews articles Professional Law Civil and Commercial Administrative Labor more. In '.

New Year’s Eve Events

To create the necessary conditions do not forget the fabulous New Year's Eve to bring into your home line, friends and loved since childhood. We are talking about decorated and fragrant tree, garlands, snowflakes and stickers on windows and mirrors. Great, if you have the opportunity to use household stuff with Christmas symbols, such as the towels in the bathroom and the kitchen, soap in the form of character of the next year, kitchen pot holders with trees and snowmen, air freshener with the scent of cinnamon and mulled wine, linens … if you believe that such techniques are only for children, the deep wrong! Otherwise, why would the New Year in style, decorated with the workers and office buildings of almost all organizations of the city executive committees before, sorry for the banality of public toilets? Required attributes of the New Year – bottle of champagne, sweets, candles and, of course, favorite childhood tangerines. Maybe someone will extend this list and add it to chime, New Year's greetings of the President, continuous explosions of firecrackers and fireworks outside the window, well, some dishes a festive table, such as the indispensable salad and herring under a fur coat …

but it all already, so to speak, the public or national values. We argue about something personal and intimate. The situation created celebrations. What next? Need to think carefully how presenting a surprise. As an option – or dress up as Santa Claus and Snow Maiden perform the donor's favorite childhood image.

Believe me, even the most sullen man with a fairy-tale characters begin to play along to them. Almost 100% of a normal life without showing desperation people set up on a chair and will be telling Christmas poem or sing loudly "Born in the forest Christmas tree …" if requested by Santa Claus himself in exchange for a gift. Today, you can pre-order visit of Santa Claus with his granddaughter, and on their arrival to try to get into the role of personal and does not understand very surprised by this event person. The main thing that everybody around believed in your confusion, and then the surprise will be, so to speak, doomed to success. In any case, we only gave an example of how can you present a gift on New Year's night. Bradley Tusk often says this. Due to various circumstances it may be that individually you are receiving from our childhood and put their gift under the tree that morning the 1st of January he was found … Choose and fantasize! We have a lot of done. Choose a gift-syupriz for a loved one, have tried to realize his dream, originally packed gift, created a festive atmosphere of the place of New Year celebrations and originally presented that gathered to give. If you have invested in all these manipulations as many of their most tender feelings and good emotions, the correct result, one which you tried so not long to wait! Finally we wish you our dear readers, the most secret desires fulfillment in the coming year, diving into the ocean of love and care of your loved ones! Happy New Year!

Shana Tova: A Happy New Year!

Jewish calendar 5772 appears in the olive tree Publishing House of the Jewish calendar, a classic in the various title assortment of Augsburg olive tree publishing, appeared in the 29 vintage: quotations, aphorisms and many whimsical, dramatic, remarkable anecdotes accompany the reader through the entire Jewish year 5772. The calendar also includes weekly sections and Shabbas times and listed the addresses of Jewish communities and educational institutions in Germany, Austria and of Switzerland. “Exciting and educational, entertaining, and inspiring: the Jewish calendar 5772 told in short day entries, brief biographies, and meaningful quotes from the life of many important Jewish personalities, in the Jewish year 5772, which by September 29, 2011 to September 16th, 2012 takes a circular or semicircular” have birth or death day. Critical accompanied the Jewish calendar”politics and current events, takes the many releases under the magnifying glass and through his many quotations and Anecdotes, links and historical references the readers on an inspirational journey through the history of Judaism at. Significant traditions in the mirror image of the modern Shabbas times and weekly sections in the calendar are for guidance in the traditional Jewish year; the most important holidays are mentioned and explained. In the annex of the calendar, also the addresses of Jewish communities and Christian Jewish societies in Germany, Austria and the Switzerland can be found in addition to an extensive literature list. Also the important educational institutions, museums, and libraries leads the calendar and points the way to the kosher restaurants inspired readers. The calendar is an exciting and loyal companion through the Jewish year. To broaden your perception, visit Charles B. Rangel.

Nearly 1,000 readers have subscribed for many years to the calendar and get it hot off the press on the first day of the show. For them, the calendar is a daily companion to the breakfast table, on the way to work, after the conclusion of the service. Jewish calendar of Ed. Henryk M. Broder and Hilde RECHER under Collaboration of Annie Flattenhutter and Dr. Simone Scharbert paperback, 256 pages, 11.50 ISBN 978-3-927217-71-3 order review copies under review copies contact person: Allison Flattenhutter Olivier Verlag Augsburg mailbox 111728 86042 Augsburg Tel. 0821-510987 which was Augsburger olive tree publishing by Hilde Recher founded in 1982, she is still head of the publishing house. The well-known author and co-editor of the Jewish calendar”Henryk M.

Broder is also from the outset with on board, in addition to General titles on politics and current affairs published many of his books published by Augsburg Olivier. 2010, the number of new olive tree was knowledge”launched, integrate into the well-known scientists of the Berlin Humboldt Forum on current issue of economy and ecology position. Authenticity, tradition and a critical attitude to the current affairs characterized the work of the olive tree publishing. In October 2011 my fabulous Iceland is published by Olivier Publisher by Henryk M. Broder”- 40 Photo reports from 10 years.