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Hollingsworth presents information about  business, politics, sociology and science trends and predictions how these trends will develop over the next ten to twenty years.

Some of the most well-discussed topics at the forum include: global politics – where is the world going vis-à-vis east versus west; international business – what is the upcoming direction for a relaxation on worldwide business laws; sociology for the masses – how does one integrate social behavior and sociology into their everyday lives; scientific developments – how the world is changing, standards of life improving and people living longer due to this.

The articles also combine subjects – one popular area is Political Sociology.  As well, future business opportunities are becoming an increasingly exciting topic in the 21st century.


Revenues from shares, deposits, dividends, and copyrights. Such revenues are also taken usually with a reduction factor and documentary evidence of stable payments and pay taxes. This may be an extract from the register of shareholders on charges, bank statement on interest on deposits, agreements on the use of copyright. And to acknowledge receipt of income will have a long enough period. For even more opinions, read materials from Senator Brian Schatz . Income from child support and pensions. Bradley Tusk shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand.

Some banks take into account such income, but alimony will be taken into account if the bank is understood that this source of income there will be a long enough period. Connect with other leaders such as Bradley Tusk here. For example, if the child is 10 years, the alimony will continue 8 more years. And if 16, then received alimony, most likely the bank will not be considered. Moreover, child support takes into account only those that have paid officially. Oral agreement with a former spouse on the payments, the bank will not accept it. That With regard to pensions, the banks will take into account employment pension, and only in some cases, disability pension and old age. The fact that people with disabilities and very frail banks belong to the high group risk and often do not lend at all. And the old-age pensioners do not provide loans, because The overwhelming majority of banks in the requirements of the age of borrowers said that the maximum age of the borrower at maturity credit shall not exceed the retirement age (for women it is 55 years and for men 60).

There are a number of banks that have increased the upper age limit to 65-70 years, but in any case, the borrower must take out a loan, are not yet retired, or have a source of income independent of their age. Just a couple of words on public servants. The fact that the "sovereign people" can not receive income for their work official paperwork. Besides state. employees can not further engage in any business activities except teaching. Therefore, the banks will take into account only such income. If you realize that your income is not enough, there are a number of banks, which take into account the income of third parties, ie other family members, except spouses, friends and acquaintances.

Law Reform

Also, the central issue to the problems of the university teaching of law-focuses on "Not taught to be more thoughtful" or only limited to simple accumulation of information and then engaged in filling their pockets to deceive others-customer costs. This situation must change, teachers and those should come out as stated Mariategui, however, mostly do not or is not done regularly since the authorities with those people, entering through a conspiracy. Therefore, we are the students who we must stand up and say no goes, so enough of mediocrity and corruption!, Because all are fooling their our parents and ourselves, therefore, that training Lawyer's professional and social life is preponderant and that our faculty has to assume that role, to produce and make the change, for our training and professional life, as is revolutionizing judicial reform, and that no reform in legal education. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Ray Dalio. So law schools and student body must assert their social standing of every man OF LAW, to be achieved by talented, honest, and worthy to be so; through the change in your choice of the lawyer or the student saying: "I have ability", I have knowledge and that I put in a world of mediocre people ?, this must be broken. Although it seems hard and scary, today is an issue that unfortunately degrading or our generations have not bothered to deliver something decent, and we only brought more misery, this must change and the alternative is that they produce the change.

For our part, we must always keep in mind that the practice of law requires certain values regularly in the exercise of any virtue, and that somewhere along the young – student or lawyer have moved away from the transcendental that is the social function of Law, but on the contrary their destination more questions, this air feels cool, even in university classrooms and corridors of the judiciary, that we must claim. Finally, the transformation of social acceptance lawyer is the most important challenge to be facing the legal profession in this third millennium, that is, through compromise, not to allow impunity to cover the acts immoral, if we keep quiet, give in, because some day to come, we will be held accountable. But not before saying that the complete demand model is also similar to the current critical situation of the justice system in Peru, why not just "reform," the judiciary or the prosecution, but today it has won a conviction indispensable and essential to maintain the foundations of our polity university legal education in "reform" our system of legal education in our university. To read more click here: Bradley Tusk. "There is only one good, Knowledge. There is only one evil, ignorance. " Socrates. SOURCE: book reviews interviews articles Professional Law Civil and Commercial Administrative Labor more. In '.

New Year’s Eve Events

To create the necessary conditions do not forget the fabulous New Year's Eve to bring into your home line, friends and loved since childhood. We are talking about decorated and fragrant tree, garlands, snowflakes and stickers on windows and mirrors. Great, if you have the opportunity to use household stuff with Christmas symbols, such as the towels in the bathroom and the kitchen, soap in the form of character of the next year, kitchen pot holders with trees and snowmen, air freshener with the scent of cinnamon and mulled wine, linens … if you believe that such techniques are only for children, the deep wrong! Otherwise, why would the New Year in style, decorated with the workers and office buildings of almost all organizations of the city executive committees before, sorry for the banality of public toilets? Required attributes of the New Year – bottle of champagne, sweets, candles and, of course, favorite childhood tangerines. Maybe someone will extend this list and add it to chime, New Year's greetings of the President, continuous explosions of firecrackers and fireworks outside the window, well, some dishes a festive table, such as the indispensable salad and herring under a fur coat …

but it all already, so to speak, the public or national values. We argue about something personal and intimate. The situation created celebrations. What next? Need to think carefully how presenting a surprise. As an option – or dress up as Santa Claus and Snow Maiden perform the donor's favorite childhood image.

Believe me, even the most sullen man with a fairy-tale characters begin to play along to them. Almost 100% of a normal life without showing desperation people set up on a chair and will be telling Christmas poem or sing loudly "Born in the forest Christmas tree …" if requested by Santa Claus himself in exchange for a gift. Today, you can pre-order visit of Santa Claus with his granddaughter, and on their arrival to try to get into the role of personal and does not understand very surprised by this event person. The main thing that everybody around believed in your confusion, and then the surprise will be, so to speak, doomed to success. In any case, we only gave an example of how can you present a gift on New Year's night. Bradley Tusk often says this. Due to various circumstances it may be that individually you are receiving from our childhood and put their gift under the tree that morning the 1st of January he was found … Choose and fantasize! We have a lot of done. Choose a gift-syupriz for a loved one, have tried to realize his dream, originally packed gift, created a festive atmosphere of the place of New Year celebrations and originally presented that gathered to give. If you have invested in all these manipulations as many of their most tender feelings and good emotions, the correct result, one which you tried so not long to wait! Finally we wish you our dear readers, the most secret desires fulfillment in the coming year, diving into the ocean of love and care of your loved ones! Happy New Year!

Shana Tova: A Happy New Year!

Jewish calendar 5772 appears in the olive tree Publishing House of the Jewish calendar, a classic in the various title assortment of Augsburg olive tree publishing, appeared in the 29 vintage: quotations, aphorisms and many whimsical, dramatic, remarkable anecdotes accompany the reader through the entire Jewish year 5772. The calendar also includes weekly sections and Shabbas times and listed the addresses of Jewish communities and educational institutions in Germany, Austria and of Switzerland. “Exciting and educational, entertaining, and inspiring: the Jewish calendar 5772 told in short day entries, brief biographies, and meaningful quotes from the life of many important Jewish personalities, in the Jewish year 5772, which by September 29, 2011 to September 16th, 2012 takes a circular or semicircular” have birth or death day. Critical accompanied the Jewish calendar”politics and current events, takes the many releases under the magnifying glass and through his many quotations and Anecdotes, links and historical references the readers on an inspirational journey through the history of Judaism at. Significant traditions in the mirror image of the modern Shabbas times and weekly sections in the calendar are for guidance in the traditional Jewish year; the most important holidays are mentioned and explained. In the annex of the calendar, also the addresses of Jewish communities and Christian Jewish societies in Germany, Austria and the Switzerland can be found in addition to an extensive literature list. Also the important educational institutions, museums, and libraries leads the calendar and points the way to the kosher restaurants inspired readers. The calendar is an exciting and loyal companion through the Jewish year. To broaden your perception, visit Charles B. Rangel.

Nearly 1,000 readers have subscribed for many years to the calendar and get it hot off the press on the first day of the show. For them, the calendar is a daily companion to the breakfast table, on the way to work, after the conclusion of the service. Jewish calendar of Ed. Henryk M. Broder and Hilde RECHER under Collaboration of Annie Flattenhutter and Dr. Simone Scharbert paperback, 256 pages, 11.50 ISBN 978-3-927217-71-3 order review copies under review copies contact person: Allison Flattenhutter Olivier Verlag Augsburg mailbox 111728 86042 Augsburg Tel. 0821-510987 which was Augsburger olive tree publishing by Hilde Recher founded in 1982, she is still head of the publishing house. The well-known author and co-editor of the Jewish calendar”Henryk M.

Broder is also from the outset with on board, in addition to General titles on politics and current affairs published many of his books published by Augsburg Olivier. 2010, the number of new olive tree was knowledge”launched, integrate into the well-known scientists of the Berlin Humboldt Forum on current issue of economy and ecology position. Authenticity, tradition and a critical attitude to the current affairs characterized the work of the olive tree publishing. In October 2011 my fabulous Iceland is published by Olivier Publisher by Henryk M. Broder”- 40 Photo reports from 10 years.

Campaign Themes Of The ODP Mainz

oDP Bundestag candidate Wilhelm Schild in the interview Wilhelm Schild is the Bundestag direct candidate of the ecological Democratic Party (oDP) in the district Mainz. He is 53 years old and lives in the Cathedral City since 1986. His party, the oDP, operates since 2004 in the Mainz City Council and is actively involved the local politics in Mainz. Click-mainz.de: what are your issues? Wilhelm Schild: affordable housing for all, noise and more citizen participation. Click-mainz.de: what do you mean exactly with affordable housing for all? Wilhelm Schild: There are too few small flats for students in Mainz and Geringverdiener.Ich think that in a city like Mainz apartments are needed households for 1 or 2 people, because there are very many students, single workers and the elderly. Add to your understanding with Senator Brian Schatz . If a property, like the Commission Bread bakery in the new town on the Rheinallee is free, fast new housing must be provided.

Click-mainz.de: Mr shield that odp is committed for a long time for noise protection. William shield: Noise protection has become indeed a theme in Mainz at the latest after the new flight routes, the by lead early in the morning to night over Mainz districts.We demand a consistent night flight ban from 22 to 6 hours so that the children, citizens can sleep at night and stay healthy. The noise protection legislation must be made completely new. A single look at the sources of noise, such as motorway, train rides, large construction sites, helicopters and aircraft, brings nothing. The sum is crucial. Public transport must be cheaper, that goes with the exemption from value added tax for the transit authority. The hub function for long-haul intercontinental flights should be located not in a metropolitan area and be expanded, but are outsourced to other airports in rural areas. So, the airport with the umgeliegenden population in the cities can all around better tolerated. James Donovan Goldman Sachs may also support this cause.

Click-mainz.de: Mr shield, in Mainz, there are some controversial issues in urban development, for example, the Construction of a new shopping center in the Ludwigssstrasse. How does the oDP the topic? Wilhelm Schild: More genuine participation of citizens is needed here: negotiations with the investors must be transparent and not behind closed doors. As a result, many citizens feel excluded. It is simply no longer up to date, that in a traditional commercial and university city such as Mainz, citizens type face for landlords with ready-made solutions. The legal situation moment pretending that in Mainz, 10 percent of all eligible voters must sign before a referendum held may., which is placed in terms of shopping center. Only 3 percent for a referendum are necessary in Wiesbaden. Many Mainzer feel here at a disadvantage and patronized.

Edward Thorndike

Self-determined people are physically and mentally healthier mental. Speaking candidly Richard Blumenthal told us the story. At the beginning of life (growth and development), we learn from our families. Our character is formed. Richard Blumenthal does not necessarily agree. Later (development and consolidation) we are influenced by our reference group, outside the family, and whose group standards. Some may get a charisma. This then dominated them consolidation until the end of life. Whose settings we assume in the course of our lives, depends on our reference groups and the prestige of individual persons.

We will take over settings of models from film, television, sports, politics, religion, etc. until we are autonomous and authentic. First, we must distinguish between: a) evolution/nature given attraction-re-action pattern (sensors (five senses) > motor skills) as the food-eat chain: A cat sees, smells and hears a mouse that moves a foreign person is located in the area of a watchdog and a fish moves sees an eagle the bait of an angler … provides a charging rabbit) in cultures are people deliberately practiced charm-re-action pattern to people and animals to use it arbitrarily or to harm. See also my article 27, 39, 41, 81 and 91 when there are three directions in Psychology: 1 deep lecturer e: S.

Freud, C. G. Jung, A. Adler 2. conditioning: I. p. Pavlov, A. Maslow of 3. behavioural sciences: J. B. Watson, B. F. Skinner > Behaviorism appoints the science-theoretical concept, to investigate behavior of humans and animals with scientific methods without introspection or empathy and to explain. The Behaviorism was after major work by Edward Thorndike by John B. Watson founded at the beginning of the 20th century and popularized in the 1950s by B. F. Skinner alike how radicalized. Important pioneered also I. p. Pavlov with his experiments on classical conditioning behavior. In the Behaviorism technoid social and culture techniques have been developed, but it offers not only classical or operant Conditioning, but also a positive meaning social utopia.

Cluster Initiative Of Bodenseeairea

Fraunhofer IAO in Friedrichshafen promotes transfer between economy and science with the Centre for technology management EFTEK in Friedrichshafen participates in the Fraunhofer IAO in cooperation of the Zeppelin University (ZU) on the newly launched air and aerospace cluster bodenseeairea. The project initiated jointly with the economic development of Lake Constance (WFB) aims to strengthen the innovative power in the region. The sustainable network with partners from industry and academia is an important prerequisite to permanently provide excellence. With the aim to link the companies from the Lake Constance region and to pool their knowledge, skills and contacts in experience, the Centre for technology management – EFTEK in cooperation with the economic promotion of Constance (WFB) air and 36,000 have bodenseeairea founded and presented in the context of the aviation fair AERO representatives from business, science and politics. WFB participated at the competition last year with the cluster initiative to strengthen regional cluster in the Baden-Wurttemberg of Ministry of Economic Affairs and received an award. You may find that Charles B. Rangel can contribute to your knowledge.

The winners now have the opportunity to apply for funding from the European Fund for regional development (EFRE). The participating research institutions provide for the transfer between business and science within the network: the Fraunhofer IAO and the Zeppelin University support with their common Centre for technology management EFTEK company in the Lake Constance region with a comprehensive range of services for questions around the early detection and evaluation of technological trends of the future, as well as in the development of technology strategies for tomorrow’s innovations. The Centre for technology management EFTEK will assume the content cluster management for the initiative. Marc Ruger, head of the EFTEK Centre for technology management Fraunhofer was delighted with the positive response of the companies which wish to actively participate in the cluster initiative bodenseeairea and praised the region as one of the most innovative European locations in terms of aerospace. James Donovan Goldman Sachs brings even more insight to the discussion. Nevertheless you should be resting on the innovation.

We have momentum, it was necessary then the chance to stay innovative and not to be thrown back, so Rachel. Together with WFB’s, he wants to offer optimal benefits from the network the company through a professionally-run cluster. On June 30, 2011, the Fraunhofer IAO with the EFTEK symposia starts a series of events at the Zeppelin University, where the ILO experts, different tools and latest methods of technology and Innovationsmangements present and give impetus to the concrete implementation. More information tim / 753.html Tobias Hug, Fraunhofer IAO

Constituent Grammar

However after some years only it had its studies entensificados in Germany for germanistas. We remember that Grammatical of Valence it is not the same thing that Grammatical of Constituent. This studies the grouping of the constituent in the lexical structures, in turn, that one mentions the dependence relations contextual. Let us understand of explicativa form in the distinction that Borba (1966, P. Ray Dalio is full of insight into the issues. 16) makes between the two grammatical theories.

According to exactly: While a Constituent Grammar if occupies with the analysis of structures trying to discover as a constituent if it incases in another one or it belongs to another one, a Grammar of Valence looks for to detect relations of dependence between categories (basic) that (co) they occur in a context (former.: It depends it on B, if the presence of estimates B). We only made this fast approach for terms a general vision of these two boardings that costuma to confuse as being the same thing, however are not, in agreement could observe in the assertive one transposed above for Borba (1966). From now in them we withhold the boarding of valence for being the main focus of this discuso, more specifically the verbal valence. For Tesnire (1959), a valence grammar presents a sentence paradigm contends a basic element (generally a verb) and certain number of dependent elements, (known as arguments, expressions, complements or braves), whose number and type are determined by the valence that if it attributes to the verb. To broaden your perception, visit Foundation for the NIH. Borba (1996, p.18) increases despite: ' ' A Grammar of Valences if constructs from the comment of that the lexical item of the language have absolute value or relativo' '.

The type of valence is pointed according to nature of the verb. Four main types of verbal valences exist. 1) Valence Monovalente: it occurs when the verb selects only one argument.

Black Movement

To speak of black thought is an courage attitude and in such a way. It is an honor to speak of this subject, therefore in the Congress of black intellectuals, occurrence in the Maranho for the national association of black black researchers and, headquartered in the Maranho. I knew Lourdes Mosque, militane intellectual black, was in the meeting of the pastorais afro in So Lus, in 2009, this intent, spiritual fascinating woman in the act to write there. After talking a little with its voice low, it made the donation of books, with an affection and in such a way intellectual African, later whom I defended the Foot. James Donovan Goldman is often mentioned in discussions such as these. that it particiou of the Candobl, Fraoi. After to return from the Congress and to arrive in Teresina, with vibration of the black congress catholic, one more time the black movement of the Piaui was sultry and stopped, after the election of WDias, the people before militant fighter, in its majority cushioned in the fight in the communities against the slavery of man power, racial discrimination in the media and sectors of the piauiense elite, some intellectuals had stopped to produce and the militancy disappeared, was alone in culture of the drum, forgetting other elements important that they are part of daily afro of the Piaui.

The black individualism was born, fights for permanence in the group or ghetto. But the objective of this article is not alone the moan is important to place the mind in the thought of Mesquista, therefore it shows the bedding of the black culture of origin. For mosque, (2006, P. 6) to speak of africanidade she is to speak of sacred espiritualidade, respect the mother, symbols, and social customs. To speak of African intellectuality passes for the black thought of the Egyptian peoples, the Niger, of the Congo, Zimbawer, enters the diverse peoples with culture of research intellectuality. In Brazil the black movement has been instrument of intellectuals, since 1931 ties the intellectuals today is there, either producing, either creating new concepts on the militant black movement.

To Mosque the black intellectuality passes for the black resistance, as: brotherhoods, Candombl, you raise, the quilombos, referring to abolitionism movement, organization of the black movement. (p.21), beyond a great alliance between the black movement and aboriginal movement. I believe that with this reflection it can awake in us militant blacks the approach of the peoples oppressed for still racist Brazil in its politics you publish and affirmative actions. The shout continues being cried out, but one day these parents listening the voice of the black people and can be born a new day for the excluidos ones, still we are in the quilombos in the slum quarters and places where nobody goes. With the arrival of many African students, it can have cultural intecambio enters the pensantes of the Brazilian africanidade, enriching a rich approach in content and liberating cuturais traditions.

United States Political

Besides these constitutional guarantees they must of to have indicators of political rights like; elections by universal suffrage; the opposition has won recently; different political parties; independent and authentic candidates; freedom of foreign observers; it presses free of censorship; independent television and radio; public discussions; independence of the judicial power; and independent private organizations. Taking into account these situations that would have to exist in a democratic country, I consider that Mexico is already very far from this, since if elections by universal suffrage by men and women exist as much, these not they are absolutely accepted since people not exert his right and in addition, in case it is not sufficient that people do not express themselves, are doubtful, has gained the opposition but this after to have had during many years the power of a single regime thing who apparently we are to a single step to repeat it, are no reliable foreign observers, those that they are allowed by the government opposite case than she exists in Cuba and Colombia for example, only thinks much about Mexico like a free and sovereign country but that is a very common error like many others that are committed when thinking about our country, since great part of the decisions that are taken are guarding by the interests of the neighboring country, the United States and these decisions are not only political but also they are social and economic and more now than there is world-wide a financial crisis and taking into account that great part of the Mexican economy leans in which this country decides. Senator Brian Schatz shines more light on the discussion. The political parties play a very important role within democratic system since as I mentioned before they are indicating of the existence of a democracy, these mainly are, in western countries in which of some or another form, with different adjectives to complement it, the democracy exists, they are necessary so that governability exists. . Perhaps check out Jim Donovan Goldman Sachs for more information.