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At least eight people have tragically lost their lives and hundreds more have been injured in the Astroworld Music Festival Mass Casualty Event. The Astroworld Music Festival was held at NRG Park in Houston, Texas, on Friday, 5 Nov. 2021.

More than 50,000 people attended the festival on Friday evening, the first day of a two-day event. Event organizers cancelled the second night of performances after the death and destruction that took place the first night of the festival.

What Happened at the Astroworld Music Festival?

The Astroworld Music Festival was an annual festival organized by Travis Scott, for which he was the headlining act this year. Astroworld 2021 was the third year this event took place.

A crowd surge is believed to be responsible for killing eight festival attendees and injuring hundreds more. What started the crowd to surge is not yet clear, though we can clearly see the venue was not properly prepared for a crowd of this size or energy.

There have also been reports of people at the concert being injected with an unknown substance including one report of a security guard who was injected in the neck and later revived with Narcan. It is not clear yet if the reported injections on unsuspecting attendees had anything to do with the crowd surge.

Problems Begin Long Before Travis Scott and Drake Perform

Problems with crowd control and event security began long before anyone even took the Astroworld stage.

Festival attendees can be seen breaking down barricades and fences and running past event security at the festival entrance on Friday afternoon. This chaos was finally brought under control only by Houston Police who showed up on horseback to quell the madness of the crowd.

Houston Police clearly had some idea of what they could be dealing with after this dangerous stampede at the festival entrance. The Chief of Police for the Houston Police Department met with Travis Scott before the main event of the show and released the following statement on Twitter about their meeting:

"I met with Travis Scott and his head of security for a few moments last Friday prior to the main event. expressed my concerns regarding public safety and that in my 31 years of law enforcement experience I have never seen a time with more challenges facing citizens of all ages, to include a global pandemic and social tension throughout the nation. I asked Travis Scott and his team to work with HPD for all events over the weekend and to be mindful of his team's social media messaging on any unscheduled events. The meeting was brief and respectful, and a chance for me to share my public safety concerns as Chief of Police. As I have previously stated, our criminal investigation continues. We are asking for everyone to be considerate of the grieving families during this incredibly difficult time. Please continue to lift them up in prayer."

Troy Finner, Chief of Police

The crowd surge did not just happen as Travis Scott and Drake performed, but it was reportedly happening long before Travis Scott and Drake took the stage.

“People began pushing toward [Scott’s] stage at least two hours before it started,” Emanuel Okusanya, a staffer for Variety who was present at the event, said.

Travis Scott Continues Performing Amid Stampede and Deaths

Even though the crowd was clearly packed too tightly in the venue, Mr. Scott took the stage and began performing shortly after 9 p.m. and the massive crowd surge began only moments later.

For over one hour, Travis Scott performed with Drake on stage at the Astroworld Music Festival as attendees were being trampled to death and reportedly injected with an unknown substance.

An ambulance can be seen in the crowd as Travis performs in a since deleted video shared to Kylie Jenner’s Instagram. Kylie Jenner is dating Travis Scott; the couple have one child together and are expecting another. Ms. Jenner attended the festival and was uninjured.

At 9:38 p.m. the festival was declared a mass casualty event by the Houston Police Department. Travis Scott continued to perform until at least 10:10 p.m. when the show was finally shut down.

Who is responsible for the Astroworld tragedy?

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After this devastating incident, many are left wondering who is responsible for all this death and destruction? There is no simple answer to this question, but we can look to some obvious causes.

It is evident that the organizers of this event did not implement proper crowd control or safety measures; Travis Scott and Drake did not stop the show when attendees were being crushed and dying.

Evidence will show that there was a massive failure on the part of the event organizers, security, the venue, and performers to provide adequate safety measures for concert attendees.

Legal Help for those who Attended the Astroworld Music Festival in Houston, Texas

If you or a loved one has attended the Astroworld Music Festival on 5 November 2021 in Houston, Texas, you may be entitled to significant compensation. Common injuries to those in attendance at the music festival may include sprains, broken bones, internal injuries, head injuries, broken or missing teeth, anxiety, depression, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Get legal help now for the injuries you have received during the Astroworld Music Festival mass casualty event.

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