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Is it Safe to Attend Carnivals, Festivals, and Concerts in Texas?

At the Hollingsworth Law Firm, our Houston personal injury attorneys know that the entire state of Texas is teeming with carnivals, festivals, rodeos, and concerts that span all age groups, genres, and interests, bringing millions of people together across The Lone Star State each year.

Unfortunately, after November 5, 2021, when a fatal crowd crush occurred during the first night of the Astroworld Festival, many people remain unsure whether it is safe to attend large events in Texas, for fear another tragedy may occur.

To mitigate the risk of any future tragedy, the State of Texas is committed to analyzing the aspects of mass gatherings within state jurisdiction and identifying possible improvements.

In furtherance of that goal, Governor Greg Abbott formed the Texas Task Force on Concert Safety (TFCS).

The Governor issued a statement saying, “Live music is a source of joy, entertainment, and community for so many Texans—and the last thing concertgoers should have to worry about is their safety and security. To ensure that the tragedy that occurred at the Astroworld Festival never happens again, I am forming the Texas Task Force on Concert Safety. From crowd control strategies and security measures to addressing controlled substances, this task force will develop meaningful solutions that will keep Texans safe while maximizing the joy of live music events.

While task forces may help proactively address potential security risks, others are harder to identify and avoid. When injuries or fatalities occur at mass gatherings, we can help our fellow Texans identify the source of their incident and hold the proper party — or combination of parties — liable for their recovery.

What Are My Legal Options If I Am Injured at a Texas Carnival, Festival, or Concert?

While some level of risk is inherent in any mass gathering, proper planning allows Texans to enjoy safe performances, concerts, and other culturally significant events.

Common security breaches that can lead to catastrophic injuries or wrongful deaths at large events may include:

  • Blocked emergency exits or other fire hazards.
  • Broken fencing or barriers prohibiting crowd control.
  • Failure to organize adequate searches of patrons.
  • Failure to provide easy access to alarms and emergency communications.
  • Poorly trained, inexperienced, or lacking security guards.
  • Security guard misconduct.
  • Unsafe public areas, parking structures, lots, and walkways.

Texas residents, and out-of-state visitors who were injured while attending events may have a personal injury legal claim when we can:

  • Establish that the property owner, operator, or event organizer failed to exercise reasonable care to adequately protect guests from harm or risk.
  • Demonstrate the property was not up to the established security safety standards set forth in Texas laws.
  • Prove our client was injured because of their negligence and incurred actual damages.

If you were injured at a festival, carnival, rodeo, concert, or another large event in Texas, we want to hear your story, so we can help you pursue the liable party for your full financial recovery and help ensure other Texans are not placed at risk by holding the negligent party accountable for their oversights.

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