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Refinery and plant employees and workers are injured or killed every year due to accidents throughout the United States. The U.S. leads the world in these tragic deaths from plant explosions. In Texas, the oil and gas industry brings in tremendous opportunities and financial returns. Hundreds and millions of dollars are made with the oilrigs, plants and refineries we have in the Lone Star State. Unfortunately, accidents do happen at work place, and usually have a serious outcome when they happen at a plant or refinery. The use of hazardous materials, defective equipment and general unsafe work practices can lead to explosions, toxic chemical releases, electrocutions, burns and a variety of other accidents.

Houston Plant & Refinery Accidents Attorneys

The most dangerous time for an oil refinery isn’t when it is running, but when it’s in transition. During a refinery turnaround, around 30,000 separate procedures are performed. Dozens are required to move volatile contents safely into position. A seemingly typical day at work can turn serious quickly. Working with large equipment and dangerous chemicals is a risky job, but it is certainly not immune from legal protections. You, as a victim, do have rights. Your employer has a duty to make your working conditions as safe as possible, failing to do so will result in consequences. Accident records from these incidents are often hard to find, but the evidence they hold may be shocking. Often evidence can reveal unsafe working conditions that could have been easily fixed before that accident. In other words, the accident was avoidable.

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You might have a lot of questions after a plant and refinery accident. Under Texas law, those injured in oil rig, plant or refinery accidents have the legal right to file a personal injury lawsuit, and potentially receive compensation for the damages they have suffered. Once the lawsuit is filed, an investigation will begin in order to determine the party or parties responsible for the accident. The victim’s damages will also be added up and calculated. In a plant or refinery personal injury lawsuit, a few factors are often used to estimate compensation: current and future medical expenses, pain and suffering, loss in quality of life, lost wages and time at work, funeral expenses or loss of companionship for wrongful death lawsuits.

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