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According to the National safety Council, slip and fall accidents results in roughly about 9 million hospital or emergency room visits each year. A slip and fall accident could lead to broken bones, head injuries, paralysis, or even death. Moreover, it may lead to significant medical expenses, lost wages, long term care expenses, and future pain and suffering.

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There are several steps you could take to help with the claims process after you experienced a slip and fall accident: examine the area and take pictures of what you think might have caused the accident, document your memories of the accident while they are still fresh on your mind, seek medical care and check what kind of injuries you have, record witness details if you possibly can, and the last and most important thing is to refrain from talking and pointing fingers at the scene.

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There are many different situations that could lead to slip and fall accident. In order to win your personal injury claim, you must be able to prove one of the following: the property owner of the premises where the accident happened failed to recognize and remedy a hazardous situation; or warn of the hazardous situation that led to the accident. Sufficient evidence is needed to establish one of the situations above, and prove that your injury is a result of the slip and fall accident.

Insurance company representatives or their attorneys may try to contact you after the accident. Remember, these people represent the property owner’s best interest, not yours. Their goal is to pay as little money as possible to you. You just need to tell them to contact your legal representation, and instruct them not to contact you again. Do not engage in conversations about your condition, injury or the incident. If you do not have attorney representation at that point, take down the representatives contact information and inform them that your attorney will be in contact with them soon.

At the Hollingsworth Law Firm, we can help you with your slip and fall personal injury claims. Common causes of slip and fall accidents are: debris on ground, uneven stairs, exposed wiring, inadequate lighting, cracked floor or pavement, wet or slippery surface, holes, worn carpet, broken tiles, and more. Our experienced Houston personal injury attorneys will help you review the case, find the liable party, and make sure you receive the compensation for someone else’s mistakes.

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