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Should I Call the Police After a Texas Car Accident with Injuries?

Call the Police After a Texas Car AccidentAt the Hollingsworth Law Firm, our Houston car accident attorneys know that being involved in a vehicle collision anywhere in Texas is both upsetting and confusing. The first thought is usually, “What just happened?” which is typically accompanied by a jolt of adrenaline that masks your injuries while your brain sorts through what to do next.

Depending on where your collision occurred, there may be witnesses who see the crash and call the police and/or first responders to respond to the scene for you. If someone does not call for you, and it is safe to do so, dial 911 before leaving your vehicle.

When the police respond to a vehicle collision in Texas, they will create an official accident report that will help outline the details of who was liable for the crash. Once the report is filed, you will be able to access it to help begin building your personal injury case.

When our Harris County personal injury lawyers partner with a crash victim, we will access the crash report on their behalf, and start building their case based on the facts established by law enforcement, and other important documents — like witness statements, medical records, and your version of events — to name a few.

How Can I Access My Texas Crash Report?

One of the most important reasons to call the police after a crash is to have a professional, third-party record of the vehicle collision that we can use to help build your case. Unfortunately, without a crash report, the other party can simply say the accident did not happen, leaving you on the hook for the damages. While that seems difficult to imagine, it happens more often than most think.

A Texas crash report typically contains:

  • Date, time, and place where the incident happened.
  • Description of the vehicles in the accident, including make, model, year, license plate numbers, and registration status.
  • Description of road conditions, lighting, and climate the day of the incident.
  • Details of the incident, including the type of road or intersection where it happened, what kind of damage occurred, and if speeding, intoxication, or negligence are suspected.
  • A diagram of the incident highlighting road signage, stoplights, crosswalks, merge lanes, and more.
  • Names and information of all injured parties, the extent of their injuries, and whether they were taken to a local hospital.
  • Notes on property damage resulting from the incident.
  • Name, agency, and badge number of responding officers.

Texas vehicle crash reports are available online for purchase using the Crash Records Information System (CRIS) for $6 for a regular copy, or $8 for a certified copy. A certified copy is requested when a person needs an official document for a legal proceeding.

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