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TxDOT Reports Millions of Texans Still Not Wearing Seat Belts

At the Hollingsworth Law Firm, our Houston car accident attorneys know that while it is the law that all Texas drivers and passengers must wear their seatbelts inside a moving vehicle, the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) reports that 10% of Texans make the dangerous choice not to.

Wearing a seat belt is a crucial safety measure that can significantly increase your chances of surviving a car crash and reduce the severity of injuries.

Here, we discuss several reasons why wearing a seat belt can save your life.

Wearing a Seat Belt

Why Wearing a Seat Belt Can Help Save Your Life

The most obvious reason to wear a seat belt is that it keeps you securely restrained in your seat during a collision. This prevents you from being thrown around the inside of the vehicle or ejected from it, which dramatically reduces the risk of severe injury or death.

Other reasons all vehicle occupants should always wear their seat belts include:

  • Reduced Impact Forces

In a collision, the seat belt spreads the force of the impact across the most vital parts of your body, like the chest, pelvis, and shoulders. This helps to reduce the impact forces on these vulnerable areas and minimizes the risk of severe injuries.

  • Protection for the Head and Spine

Seat belts are designed to restrain your body and protect your head and spine. This is crucial in preventing head injuries, traumatic brain injuries, and spinal cord injuries that can occur during a collision.

  • Prevention of Ejection

Ejection from a vehicle is one of the most dangerous outcomes of a crash. Wearing a seat belt prevents this by keeping you inside the vehicle, where the chances of survival are higher.

  • Airbag Effectiveness

Airbags work in conjunction with seat belts to enhance protection in a crash. However, airbags are most effective when a seat belt properly restrains the occupant. Without a seat belt, the full benefits of airbag deployment may not be realized.

  • Prevents Secondary Collisions

In some crashes, especially those involving multiple vehicles, there is a risk of secondary collisions. Remaining restrained by a seat belt can prevent you from being thrown into the path of oncoming traffic or other obstacles.

Remember that seat belts are a simple yet highly effective way to protect yourself and your passengers in a car crash. It is essential to your well-being to wear your seat belt correctly, with the lap belt snugly across your hips, the shoulder belt across your chest, and over your shoulder.

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